Sep 13, 2017

Parent Teacher Conferences and Pizza Delivery: ODO 73

Part of my job as the daytime parent at home is going to school functions. Most annoying of these is parent/teacher conferences. Maybe I'm a little harsh on them, but I'll leave that for you to decide. In the News: Hurricane Irma hitting Florida brought out all sorts of crazies #BecauseFlorida. Plus, a few really dumb thieves, a jackass who wants to marry his computer, and a pizza guy who may be my new spirit animal on "The Pizza Podcast."

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Sep 5, 2017

Halloween Decor and Random Ramblings

Hope you had a happy Labor Day, or just a good weekend in general. Now that we have reached the pre-holiday season it's time to start thinking about holiday decorations, starting with Halloween. Somehow my wife managed to sneak her way into buying a bunch of new spooky things to decorate our house. The news brings a special screening of  "IT" stupid eclipse news, and the worst PR response ever. Plus I get peer pressured into this week's featured podcast, "Gareth's Random Ramblings."

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Aug 29, 2017

Speaking of Hurricane Harvey

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, this week's Odd Dad Out is simply the latest Mom and Dad Cuss, talking about the storm.

Aug 22, 2017

ODO 71: C U Next Tueday

This week I got both a good laugh and a painful lesson from listening to She Podcasts. Warning, don't teach your Mexican co-worker what  "See You Next Tuesday" means. Spoilers: it doesn't end well. I've also got eclipse news, dead bodies in strange places, a workplace affair gone horribly wrong, and by far the worst way to find out your spouse is cheating. All that, and I revisit a previous feature for it's spinoff podcast, Movie Maintenance Presents.

Aug 15, 2017

ODO 70: Weird is World Wide

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This week I've had some great interactions with other podcasters, surprisingly in my area. One little twitter follow from a podcaster in my town lead to a rabbit hole of podcast discovery from surprisingly big names in my area. The news this week is coming from all around the world, from Australia to Shanghai. The featured podcast this week is a little self serving since it's my other show, "Mom and Dad Cuss." Why recommend my own show? Because it's funny and my wife is on it too. 


A logistics driver decided that he would use the ambulance he was delivering to make some extra cash as a ride-share vehicle along the way. Does this classify as an upgraded vehicle option?

An ad for a 2 room apartment in Amsterdam says the unit features a fully equipped private kitchen except for a cooktop, because cooking is banned "by regulations" in the unit. On the plus side, not being able to cook means never having to wash dishes.

Apparently dabbing, that idiotic dance move, is banned in Saudi Arabia. The government claims that the move glorifies drug use. So using it in a public is enough to get you arrested. (Can we start that rule in America?) 

A shrimp restaurant in China came under fire for putting up signs offering discounts to ladies based on bust size. 5% for an A-cup, up to 65% for a G-cup. Yeah it's sexist, but if they did something like that for Chinese men, they would probably all get the 5% discount. *wink wink* 


Rich Guy Buys Special Cage To Protect His Rolls-Royce, Then Wrecks Into His Own Cage

An Australian man bought a Rolls-Royce, and had a custom cage built to protect it from damage. Unfortunately he lacked the driving skill to actually pull the car in to the cage and repeatedly hit the it, until the car had to be towed away for repairs. The moral of the story, people who own Rolls-Royces should pay somebody to drive them around.


Mom and Dad Cuss (a Little)
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Aug 8, 2017

ODO 69: School Stress and Stupdity w/ ReAnna

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After a month long break caused by our family vacation, a dead computer, and a newly mobile toddler beating down the studio door, I'm back, and my wife, ReAnna, decided to join me and talk about some of the stuff that we dealt with at the beginning of the summer. We also shared some crazy Texas news stories from our vacation, a very devoted doctor, and a whole mess of people doing stupid stuff. In "Recommended Listening" I've got the slightly deceptively named "Nerds With Words."

Jul 5, 2017

Vacation Packing and "American" News: ODO 68

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Between packing up for our regular family trek back to Texas and the 4th of July holiday, I'm a little behind this week. Somehow I managed to put an American spin on all the news stories. And boy did it take a spin to get some of them to fit that description. Using sausages to find dogs, PETA hating on bacon, fad diets, and dads playing baseball: that all sounds American, right?

Jun 27, 2017

ODO 67: This Heat Is Frying Brain Cells

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Summer 2017 has started with a BANG! There's been record heat waves across the US and Europe. The heat in Phoenix actually left planes grounded at the airport. It looks like the heat may be frying some people's brain cells a bit as dumb crime seems to be ticking up. From shoplifters at Wal-Mart to hackers at the CIA, nobody is using their brains much right now. This week's feature goes to a another weird news show I've been turned on to, "The Crazy Town Podcast."

Jun 20, 2017

Where Does Chocolate Milk Come From? ODO 66

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Hope you had a good Father's Day. This week's news brings on a few past stories including an ironic twist for a bank robber. I've also got some good news for gamers, a tattoo artist you definitely don't want to cross and a sad sweet story about a couple from India. The "Jackass of The Week" comes courtesy of a seriously depressing study about chocolate milk. And finally, this week's "Recommended Listening" features the dark and twisted world from "Welcome to Night Vale."

Jun 13, 2017

Bourbon and Batman: ODO 65

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This week I have another confession to make. I have purchased fidget spinners for the whole family, and don't totally hate them. The news brings a few people you may not want to upset and a whiny college student (with a twist.) This week's featured podcast comes from a firey redhead who is the right mix of fun and crazy on "The Unwritable Rant." Finally, I address the passing of legendary actor, Adam West.